Shiny Apps on KST

This page is primarily intended for internal use. It lists the Shiny apps on knowledge space theory produced by partners in the TquanT and QHELP projects. Here, the apps do not contain the source code.
Animated learning paths
BLIM Simulation
Classical and Bayesian parameter estimation
Deterministic Assessment
Fringe & Neighbourhood
Generating knowledge structures from response patterns
Inductive Item Tree Analysis (IITA)
Knowledge assessment app
Local independence & the BLIM
Parameter estimation
Precedence relations
Probabilistic knowledge assessment
Properties of knowledge spaces
Properties of Relations
Simulating data with BLIM
Surmise Relations
The Skill mApp
Validating BLIM-simulated data
Validation of data against knowledge structures

TquanT was and QHELP is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission.

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